Teachers and Performers

Carlos Maturano y Heide Schmollgruber

Claudio Forte Y Barbara Carpino

  • I’m Carlos Maturano, native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. European resident. Completely formed in the art of tango dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    11 May 2012
    President of the National Tango Academy of Austria with headquarters in Salzburg, corresponding to the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina

    11 May 2012
    Director of the “European Tango School” with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, created by the president of the National Tango Academy of the Argentine Republic Horacio Ferrer.

    Carlos “El Tordo”
    Academic Member Corresponding of the
    “National Tango Academy of the Argentine Republic”
    • Niki Saifert Dance School, Maestro of Tango Argentino, all styles;
    • Interdance Dance School; Maestro of Tango Argentino, all styles;
    • Salzburg Landestheatre´s Peter Breuer Ballet Director and SIBA staff;
    • Traunstein Tango Society, Maestro of Tango Argentino, all styles;
    • Villach Tango Society, Maestro of Tango Argentino, all styles.

    These personalities were my guides and artistic godfathers
    • Ben Molar
    – Creator of the National Tango Day;
    – Academic of the “National Tango Academy of the Argentine Republic”
    and the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo.;
    – Honorary President of the “Asociación Gardeliana Argentina”;
    – Founder Member of the “Casa Argentina en Tierra Santa”;
    – Board of Director´s Member of the Asociación Amigos de la Calle Corrientes.
    • Ms Carmencita Calderón
    – Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires; ex dance partner of Ovidio Bianchet “El Cachafaz”.

    Awards and Distinction
    • Milonguero’s Medal of the “Sin Rumbo Club, The Tango Cathedral” of Buenos Aires;
    • Presidence of the Nation’s Distinction;
    • Director of tango and artistic activities at the “Casal Argentino de Barcelona”;
    • “Mailbox Knight Order”, Manoblanca Museum, Buenos Aires;
    • Asociación de Bailarines de España (ABA);
    • Auditorio Enrique Granados, Lleida, España;
    • Teatro Broadway; Elba Cristian Producciones.

    About my nickname “El tordo”
    I was a very young boy and interested in the health, so that I began a workshop to be able to take the blood pressure. In the Milonga I had many friends to practise and little later already they were receiving me jockingly shouting ” take care, that the “tordo” (the “tor-do”) comes “, which in the slang of Buenos Aires, called Lunfardo, means “the doc-tor” Because usually they invert the order of the syllables in some expressions.
    And already I could not separate of this funny epithet nevermore.
    My Teachers
    My uncle, Héctor R. Luiss
    Teacher of the Independent Athletic Club (Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, 1952).
    Of him I learned Tango dance and Milonga.
    My mother, Norma Luissi
    She learned to dance at 12 years old. Her first teacher was Alberto Marino, singer of Aníbal Troilo and great tango dancer.
    At 15 years old she was gaining contests of Milonga style with “The Turk”, a dance celebrity of the epoch.
    In the year 2000 she gained the Buenos Aires Championship of Tango (“Torneos Bonaerenses”).
    In the year 2004 she won the Tango Dance Golden Medal (“Torneos Bonaerenses” again).
    She taught me Tango dance and crossed Waltz.
    • Medallas del Milonguero, Club Sin Rumbo,
    • “La Catedral del Tango”; Buenos Aires
    • Asociación de Bailarines de España (ABA);
    • Premio de Presidencia de la Nación;
    • Teatro Broadway; Elba Cristian Producciones;
    • Auditorio Enrique Granados, Leida, España.

    Five different styles of Tango Canyengue (danced at the beginning of Tango history up to 1930 approx.)
    • Tito Lusiardo’s (taught by Master Luis Grondona);
    • Rodolfo Cieri’s (two different ones);
    • José Vazquez ‘s “Lampazo”;
    • Ovidio José Bianchet’s “El Cachafaz”. The latter nourishes El Tordo’s style proper and it was permanently analyzed through Carmencita Calderón, since her dance partner “El Cachafaz”;
    • died in 1942 and El Tordo did not meet him in person.
    Tango genre
    • Orillero (1930-1945) Pepito Avellaneda’s school;
    • De Salón (1940-1950) Lampazo-Petróleo and Cieri’s school;
    • Contemporary;
    • “Milonguero” style.
    Milonga genre
    • Syncopation;
    • Traspié (“stumble”);
    • De Salón ( Juancito Luna-Lampazo’s style);
    • Orillera (Pepito Avellaneda´s Style).
    Creole waltz
    • Crossed style
    • Author of “Tango Roots”, a three-act musical (Spain 2006);
    • Author of “The Milonguero’s Encyclopaedia”, audiovisual teaching and testimonial work, which covers all the history of Tango dance;
    • Author of “Tango Alive”, audiovisual seminar on the History of Tango, danced live, shown for the first time in Istambul, Turkey (2004);
    • Ex President of “The Tangoworld Society”, United Kingdom;
    • Ex President, Director of Tango and Artistic Activities at the “International Association of Latin-American Culture” (AICLA);
    • Ex-tango master of “The Dance City”, National Dance Agency of England;
    • MareaTVchannel, Buenos Aires, Director of Tango, Arts & Institutional Matters.


    Heide Schmollgruber was born in Salzburg, Austria, 1960
    • Vice President 1rst. of the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República de Austria (Res. CD 0001/2012);
    • Team Manager of the official Escuela Europea de Tango (Res. CD 0001/2012);
    • Graduate in 9 styles of dance;
    • First Tango dancer for all official events of the Argentine embassies connected with the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República de Austria;
    • Team Manager in the United Nations (ONU) Tango Club Vienna.
    • Official Tango performer for the European Tango School in Innsbruck, Villach, Krumpendorf, Mozarteum University Salzburg, Salzburg, Bad Hall, St. Valentin, Baden/ Vienna, Vienna (Austria) Buenos Aires (Argentina), Kracovia, Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk (Ukrainie) Romania, Trieste, Udine (Italy), Rijeka (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), etc.

    Institutional presence in Argentina of the “National Tango Academy of Austria” and the “European Tango School”. Buenos Aires: The first International Congress of Tango Argentino organized by the IUNA University (National Institute of Arts) .
    Authorities were present to support the university project of that House of Higher Learning about to create a university degree of Tango. Vicepresident 1rst. Prof. Heide Schmollgruber remained for the Congress to actively participate in various academic meetings”.
    Workshops for Project Director Sonja Stibi – Director of the Escuela Europea de Tango, the Vice President 1rst. of the National Academy, Prof. Heide Schmollgruber, & team, have begun the workshops for Project Director Sonja Stibi.


  • Hola amigos !!!!
    We are Claudio Forte & Barbara Carpino,
    choreographers, teachers and professional dancers of Tango Argentino!

    Our life and dance are for us only one thing … we dance to live and live to dance! Since childhood we started to dance to our parents who began to participate in the dance classes in the distant year 1994, when we began our adventure in the world of dance, starting from the standard dances and dances Latin / American! Barbar even begins his career as a dancer only 5 years old, with classical and modern dance!
    Having had several partners, finally our career together began in August of 1999, when our beloved first teacher ever, Rossano Miranda, proposed us to dance together! We tried, and was “dancing” love at first sight, and TRUE LOVE the following year!

    Many successes we have achieved in Standard and Latin / American dances, specializing mainly in the first, where we managed to get to the A1 class, winning and being a finalist in the major Italian competitions!
    In 2001, the turning point of our career … seeing on television the movie “The Tango Lesson” by Sally Potter, we loved this beautiful art, very different from what we were used and studied for several years now! Location, distance, feeling … everything was really different from the way we know the dance … but the thing that pushed us to change “route” was an item we were looking for some time and we only found in Tango … FREEDOM ‘movement ….
    Since then we are dedicated body and soul to study this dance, always trying to have our own personal vision of the Tango … trying to communicate the acquired techniques in the past with the freedom and fantasy of this wonderful Argentine art!
    And then, in a few stages, festivals here and there, but mostly a lot of workout we created our Tango, made up mostly of harmony, elegance, technique, freedom and softness!
    After much study and travel, then we decided in 2004, to share our passion with our people, our city, SYRACUSE!
    In September 2004, we opened our Academy of Tango Argentino, the first in our city, the Paladanze SYRACUSE!
    From that year until now, thousands of tangueros have passed, and many are still with us to continue the search for oneself and one’s Tango through our lessons!
    Since 2005 began our first performances throughout Italy and then abroad!
    The great appreciation for all the people Italian tango pushed us to face a great challenge … the MUNDIAL DE TANGO Buenos Aires !!!!
    And then in 2006, along with a group of our students, we went in the Argentine capital to confront the most talented tangueros the world …
    Well, after days and days of selections, reached the finals both in the category Tango Escenario that in the category Tango Salon …
    In Tango Escenario we stopped in 19th place, but the greatest satisfaction was the Tango Salon, where we were able to classify us even on the 4th place overall result still never reached by any couple “non-Argentine”!

    From that moment all over the world began to know us and we began to perform in many festivals, teaching in many cities and even today we are one of the most acclaimed Italian couples around the world!

    We bring our Tango around Italy teaching firmly in our Academy in Syracuse, and in 2014 we opened a new Academy of Tango Argentino in Verona!
    In this world of dance, we made the most important desires for our private life … in 2008 we got married and in 2009 arrived our little Gabriel, the person for whom we wake up in the morning, we dance for him and we live for him!!!

    And from 2014 also for our new puppy, a fantastic labrador named Dusty, another jewel in our great life!

Dimitris Biskas y Mariana Patsarika

Laszlo Budai y Andrea Pirity
  • Dimitris and Mariana is a couple that shares its passion and love for dancing and for the argentine tango. After studying other dances, they were attracted by the Argentine Tango for its physical, mental, and spiritual communication. They live and teach in Paris, while studying dance and participating in festivals and workshops all around Europe. Their purpose and idea of tango is based on the equal relation between partners trying to find a better contact and communication via the embrace of tango.

    Dimitris has been dancing at a professional level, Standard and Latin Dances from the age of 10, winning twice the championship in Greece in the Junior and Youth Category (2001 and 2006 respectively) and obtaining also the teacher’s license “Dance Club International”. He has collaborated with lots of dance schools as teacher of latin, standard and traditional folk greek dances.

    In 2006 he discovered the Argentine Tango and since then he has been dedicated to tango as a teacher and performer taking part in many festivals around Europe. He also passed the exams IDTA (International Dance Teacher’s Association) at the Argentine tango.

    He has obtained a diplome in the University Paris VIII, department of Dance, studying aesthetics, philosophy and history of dance. Nowadays, he is attending the Master ‘Conception and direction of cultural projects’ in the university of Nouvelle Sorbonne Paris I

    Mariana Patsarika started dancing classical and contemporary ballet at the early age of 4 and she has studied classical ballet in Thessaloniki, in Greece. During her formation she has also been taught traditional European dances, Jazz, Latin Dances and she has participated in many performances of classical repertory in local theatres.

    She dances as a professional dancer and she teaches the Argentine Tango since 2007, performing in numerous events and Tango festivals in Greece and also in Europe.

    She has also obtained a Master 2 at the University Paris VIII, in the field of International Artistic Cooperation, preparing the project ‘Cité Tango’ related to tango culture and its evolution in Europe, a participative performance questioning the position of the public in the performances and approaching tango from his sociological and cultural perspective.

    Nowadays, Mariana is attending a formation of contemporary dance in the famous center of dance R.I.D.C., former dance academy of dancer and choreographer Dominique Dupuy. She is preparing her EAT exams (diploma of the state) in contemporary dance.

    Their collaboration began in 2007. During a three-month stay in Buenos Aires in 2008, they attended professional teaching seminars of many distinguished maestros.

    Returning to Greece, they started searching their own style that would represent their idiosyncrasy and technique. In the meanwhile, they also started teaching at many dance schools. As performers, they participated at local festivals and they worked as choreographers and dancers at the team “Tango Room Project”. They have also collaborated with many orchestras as ‘Locos de Atar’, ‘Tango Trio Room’, ‘Tricuerdo’ etc.

    From September 2010, they live and work in Paris, giving particular and group lessons of tango, making performances and participating in festivals in Europe. From September 2012 they are part of a team of 5 dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango in Paris and Lyon, who are dedicated to share with people their love and their passion for the tango, the ‘Tango Mon Amour’. They are also organising with this team, the ‘Festivalito Mon Amour’ in Lyon the month of February and the ‘Vacations Tango Mon Amour’ in Crete, Greece the month of July.

    They are also giving regular classes in Lille, in collaboration with the association ‘Sous les Marronniers’ and in Orléans in collaboration with the association ‘El Tango Argentino’.

  • Laszlo and Andrea found each other in 2009 and from their encounter a special tango was born. Two different worlds met then and there and a perfect harmony formed complementing each other.

    They have been dancing and working together since that time and even if Laszlo had started his tango career much earlier than Andrea and has a wide-range of experience as a dancer, Andrea added her own knowledge, her personality and her radiant femininity to this. From this they create a unique and special energy and atmosphere in their common formation, continually inspiring each other.

    In their teaching they try to convey how it is possible to get to the tango through the feelings and energies, creating contact with the partner, and the music and that complex emotional bond liberates energies and helps to focus on each other.

    They strongly believe that tango is a cure both for body and soul; moreover it is an individual and a couple therapy as well. Tango is a mirror, which reflects ones true self and helps to develop it.

    From the very beginning they have been teaching a creative, improvisational, emotion-driven self-expression by the way of dancing. They confess that tango is not about leading and following rather it is a contact of individuals in the fusion, which embody a way of communication without words. When the dancers become one in the embrace, the man and the woman, – as one body with two souls -breathe and move together. So social-tango is not based on dance figures, but rather on the kind of merger, the pulsation together with the partner and the music, and that creates the magic. The tango is a special road to ourselves. With the help of Andrea and Laszlo one can easily walk along through this journey. In an embrace.

    LASZLO is a dancer-choreographer and a dance teacher, organiser of Hungarian tango festivals, invited teacher of international festivals and workshops. Two times IDO tango world champion (2003&2004). He is the tango-ambassador of Hungary and one of the main characters of the Hungarian tango scene.

    Laszlo is originally studied as an electric engineer, but he left his job after 11 years to become a professional dancer. He has practiced several types of dances before tango such as modern dances (Limon-, Graham-, and Hammad-techniques), jazz, fashion dance, ballroom dance. At the age of 25 he graduated as a modern dance teacher and later as a choreographer as well. He continually participates on international festivals and workshops since 1995, where he learns didactic technique and style from several Argentine tango masters such as Ruben Terbalka, Gachi & Sergio, Guillermo Merlo & Fernanda Ghi, Gabriel & Natali, Metin Yazid, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naviera & Giselle Anne, Mariano ‘Chicho’ Frúmboli, Ezequel Farfaro & Milena Pliebs, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Marta Anton & ‘Manolo’ Salvador, Rodolfo ‘El Chino’ Aguerrodi & Miho, Véronique & Thierry, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Pablo & Dana (DNI), Horatio Godoy, etc.
    Since 1989 he competed at the IDO’s competitions on local and foreign championships. From 1993 he was amongst the finalists. He was first mambo champion in 1996 and in 1997, and in 1998 he was European and World Cup Champion in Argentine tango, hot blues and show dance.
    He became Argentine tango World Champion in 2003 and in 2004.
    During the fall 2008 Laszlo participated with a great success at the Olympiad in Korea (finalist) and in Japan at the Liberated Competition (3rd place) with his former partner (Maria Glotz). Nowadays he is not competing anymore, but he is invited sometimes as a judge on IDO competitions.

    Choreographing the “Kisses of Tights” and “Ping-swing” directed by the famous Hungarian actress Enikő Eszenyi also the director of Víg Theatre.
    Choreographing the dance parts in the drama Kaptain Störr- showed in Radnóti Theatre.
    Choreographing a part of “Amazons and Madonnas” of Danube Folk Ensemble.
    Participating in the choreographing of the drama “Sewers” in the Pesti Theatre;
    Choreographing parts and guest starring in the Operett Theatre in the show “Ball in the Savoy” (which was presented first in 2004 on the Spring Festival).
    In 2012 together with Andrea they choreographed the final scene of the absurd drama ‘Tango’ in Örkény Theatre, and taught basics of different dances (tango, ballroom, salsa) for the actors of the drama “They shoot horses, don’t they?” in Víg Theatre.

    Laszlo is the founder, leader and choreographer of the Argentine Tango Dance Theatre of Hungary, which was founded in 2000.
    The members of this theatre are partly non-professional dancers. The first shows were about the origins of tango, and then they combined tango with different dances: modern dance, flamenco, Hungarian folks dance and belly dance. Since 2008 they usually invite national and international tango orchestras and professional Hungarian and international tango dancers, and give a place for amateur tango dancers as well.
    The shows of the Argentine Tango Dance Theatre:
    “Casa de Dona Lucretia” 2000,
    “Seasons in Buenos Aires” 2002,2004,
    “Tango Express” 2005,
    “Soul-Strings” (tango-flamenco fusion with Andrea Lippai) 2005,
    “Tastes and colours” 2007,
    “Southern nights” 2007,
    “Suburb tango” 2007,
    “Ritual” 2008,
    “Tango Sensual” 2010,
    “Tango Moments” 2010-11,
    “Casa de Tango” 2013-14,
    “Oblivion” 2014-15,“conTangos” 2015,
    “Tango no Tango” 2012- today.

    Laszlo is the founder and president of the Argentine Tango Dance Theatre Association, which was founded in 2004. The main purpose of the association is teaching and promoting the argentine Tango as a dance and culture as well, and organising dance events such as nights, festivals, stage works and creating countless opportunities to the lovers of this lifestyle.

    Laszlo and his Association has been organising various sized international tango festivals since 2004.
    2004-2008 1st-5th Tango Festival
    2009 1st Danubiando
    2011-15 1st-5th OktóberPest TangoFest
    Many young and talented teachers were invited from different countries, in the past few years mostly from Europe to the events above. The goal of these festivals is to bring tango closer to the Hungarian dancers by making it affordable for them.

    Laszlo first became internationally well-known by the competitions, in which he participated.
    Before he started to work with Andrea he had been invited to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Cologne, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Padova, Bologna, Guamba (USA), Sarajevo, Vienna, Rijeka, Bielsko-Biala (Poland), Tokio and Cuba as well.
    He was the first who brought the tango dance to Hungary and he is teaching tango since 1996, and making his best to develop this culture.

    A documentary was made about his life and tango and also about Budapest and Buenos Aires in November 2007, with the help of Duna TV. This documentary was participated in the contest of the Budapest Film Parade.
    For several years he received the tributes “Sport Dancer of the Year” and “Sport Dancer Special Prize”. He received the “Euro Pass” Prize in the category of couple dances and also an award „For the activity in the propagation of the Latin-American culture” .

    ANDREA has a past of ballroom dancing (1997-2001).
    She is originally an architect. She used to be Laszlo’s student but she also left her job to become a professional tango dancer. They started working together in 2009.
    Andrea is a tango teacher both for groups on each level and private students and leads regular women technique classes. She is an organiser of events connected to tango, such as shows, balls, milongas, tango camps, national and international festivals and workshops.

    Laszlo and Andrea had been teaching at different dance schools but opened their own tango school, BudaiTangoClub in association with another couple in September, 2014. They are teaching in group classes every weekday evening in the downtown of Budapest, where they are doing also private classes, organize milongas, club for beginners, practicas, and different tango or non-tango programs for their students.
    They have about 150-200 students weekly.
    They often do intensive workshops on the weekends in many parts of the country in different levels and style (salon, milonguero, stage).
    They are guest teachers at the Hungarian Dance Academy and at the University of Theatre and Film Arts.
    They taught in a lot of cities such as Vienna, Bratislava, Sarajevo, Belgrade, St. Petersburg, Oradea , Sofia, Novi Sad, Omsk and different regions of Italy and they were invited many times to develop tango life in Tomsk, Siberia.
    A third couple also joined them in 2014, who deal especially with elder people and the course called Senior Tango.

    There was an additional speciality in the mutual work- a program called “Láthatatlangó” (in raw translation “invisible-tango” ) in 2012 within the framework of OktóberPest TangoFest, where blind people were invited and given the opportunity to experience the miracle of Tango.

    Since 2009 Laszlo and Andrea do numerous shows on different cultural events. They work together on making choreographies for the Argentine Tango Dance Theatre. They also performed in Buenos Aires in Confeteria Ideal and Flor de Milonga in 2012.

Lucian Stan y Raluca Aldea
  • They have reached the final in Tango Escenario and Semifinal in Tango Salon at the European Tango Championship in Cervia, Italy, 2016.

    Lucian Stan, with a wide dance experience since 2004 when he entered the Ballroom Dance World ascending to the International Blackpool Dance Festival and Competition in 2011.
    In 2005 he discovers the magic of Tango and in a very short period of time he became one of the most well-known Romanian tango dancers and teachers.
    He is invited to teach and perform in national and international tango festivals in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta, Busteni, Iasi, Bacau) as well as over the borders (Bulgaria, Holland, Canada, Turkey, Moldavian Republic, Hungary).
    He is also co-organizer of various Tango events like: Bucharest Tango Encuentro Festival, Tango Camp Breaza, Bucharest Tango Marathon. In his will to continuously evolve as dancer and master, he travels every year to Buenos Aires and brings back Tango Essence from The Best Maestros.
    As a professional dancer he is very hard working and willing to do anything in his power to insure the success of the performance. He was part of performances and competitions like : Traffic Strings “Gala Tango” at the the Romanian Athenaeum, he was semifinalist at The European Tango Championship, Todi 2014 – tango de pista and also participated in The World Tango Championship in 2014. He is dedicated to his dance pupils and passes on to them his passion and love for Tango, in his beloved studio Popa Nan 82, the place he calls HOME.

    He created, in July 2015, together with Monica Toma (well knowed for bringing TangoTherapy in Romania) the D.A.N.S. concept (Dance Academy Naturally Shaped).
    In June 2015 A.T.A. association (“Academia de Tango Argentinian”, president Lucian Stan) in order to increase the social dance awareness and in Romania, and to promote the romanian and european tango phenomenon.

    He participated as a teacher in tango events in Romania like:
    “History of a Lost Love Dance Festival” (nov 2014, teachers and performers),
    “Milonga Nacional Tango Festival”(dec 2014, teachers and performers),
    Tango-theater “Luna Tango”Show (Craiova-Romanian Opera, Bucharest- ArCuB) (sept 2015),
    Narcotango Bucharest Concert (sept 2015) (special guests and dance performers, Opera & Musical Center “Ion Dacian”),
    judges at the First Romanian Tango Championship (Tango de Pista) and guest artists in the “Tango Fantasia” Festival (sept 2015),
    “Anivertango” Festival (sept 2015, performers),
    “Milonga Nacional” event (dec 2015, teachers and performers) etc.

    Raluca Aldea, an experienced dancer and dance teacher, she discovered the fascinating and wonderful Dance World at the early age of 4 .
    She soon realizes that she was meant to dance through life, so she embraces the classical dance, for 16 years.
    In the year 2000 she decides to leave the classical stage and enters another beautiful dance area, The Ballroom Dance. Throughout her dancing years she meets many other dance styles like: contemporary dance, jazz dance, folklore, salsa, bachata. She also has the chance to watch some Argentine Tango videos and they inspired and drive her in love with IT as she feels that she really connects and resonates with the history, the music, the passion and the magic of the Tango. This was the moment when she decided to learn Tango.
    As a professional dancer she performed with The National Opera of Bucharest, Oleg Danovsky Classical and Contemporary Dance Theatre, Cornel Patrichi company, in various TV shows as guest or as contestant, in Galas or street performances.
    As a tango dancer the most notable events among various performances were the semifinals of The European Tango Championship, Rome 2012– Stage Tango and the finals of The TV contest Dancing Romania, Antena 1 2013.



Guest artists

Augustin Paun Y Oana Ispir

Augustin si Oana
  • Oana and Augustin began to dance Argentine tango in 2007 and since 2009 they also teach in Bucharest and in all over Romania as guests.
    As teachers prefer to teach how to customize according to each person, following the belief that tango is the one that adapts to each body and personality.
    Their way in the Tango dance is full of searching, always aiming to define a personal style, elegant, natural, balanced roles between partners.
    Augustin is also known as tango DJ, both in Bucharest in regular milongas and also in national and international festivals.

Diego Denett y Laura Iaru

Diego Denett si Laura Iaru
  • Laura breathes tango every day 🙂

    Ever since June 2006, when the Argentine tango entered her life, her wish was to discover its mystery and she understood that beyond steps, figures and body movement, tango is a way of expression of the human being, full of feelings, emotion, elegance and respect, an embrace between a man and a woman who share to each other their joy, sadness, cares, life dramas, happiness, love for a few minutes in a very living dance, creating magic moments.

    Over her 9 years of tango, although she understood and discovered from the beginning what tango meant for her, she also understood that the journey is not simple and it takes long time and patience. She developed as tango dancer, milonguera and teacher (and still takes classes, discovers and has revelations  every time), over the years, in Europe and Argentina, at workshops and private classes, with great tango maestros – true legends of Argentine Tango, such as: Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse, Stella Misse, Geraldine Rojas & Ezequiel Paludi, Virginia Pandolfi, Yanina Quinones and Neri Piliu, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez, Fabian Peralta & Josefina Bermudez,  Max Van de Voorde & Solange Acosta, Jorge Rodriguez & Liliana Rodriguez, Carlos Perez & Rosa Perez, Santiago Castro, Jose Almar & Juliana Aparicio, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado, Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado, Ney Melo, Antonella Terrazas, Jose Fernandez & Martina Waldman.

    She traveled to Buenos Aires more times, where she spent time around old/viejos milongueros at traditional milongas portenas, especially followed by the wish of finding and understanding the mystery, essence, history of tango and tango culture. However, Laura considers that she owes her tango, all that she has learned and discovered about tango and all that tango means for her nowadays, to her maestros from Buenos Aires, true tango legends – Javier RODRIGUEZ and Andrea MISSE!

    Diego Denett, born in Buenos Aires, is an Argentine bailarin of tango and Argentine folklore, ever since his he was a teenager. He’s been living in Italy for more than 10 years, teaching and dancing tango and folklore in various tango communities in Italy. He is known as a dedicated teacher who inspires people to dance, besides by technical details, but also by his own enjoyment, happiness and beautiful energy in dancing that he transmits. After years of own studies of tango, he started a personal search for the elements he considers fundamentals: the elegance, caminata and breathing as a base for a deeper and more passionate communication, all in one safe embrace “Corazón a Corazón “.

    Years ago he got to know and studied with different maestros argentinos of international fame, in Buenos Aires and in Italy. Among them, Marcelo Álvarez y Sabrina Amato, becoming their assistant for several years; Pablo Garcia, collaborating as an assistant in several of his stages and Alejandra Mantiñan who chose him to be part of her project “Talent”.

    In present he teaches in Rome, Italy and travels for teaching workshops and dancing in various communities from Italy, mainly, and other parts of Europe.

Iulius Jipescu Y Manuela Panaite
  • Manuela Panaite and Iulius Jipescu dance and teach together in Casa de Tango, Bucharest, a tango project born in 2010.
    They embraced milonguero style and they like to give special interpretation with respect to the music they dance on. Practice and the love for tango culture make them to be highly recommended for everybody who want to learn tango in Bucharest. They are active in local milongas and in all the other big events in Romania.
    For them, tango is a dance for a lifetime, teaching with passion along the years.


DJ Carlos Maturano

DJ Alina Dumitrescu (La Morocha)

DJ Lucia Mirzan

Dj Csongor Kicsi

DJ Iulius Jipescu

DJ Norbert Nemethi