Popa Nan 82 Bucharest

Poza folosita pe afise


A location recognized in Bucharest as a tango place, where all the tango festivals usually take place. The location has 2 wonderful dance rooms with laminate flooring. Here we will have the tango workshops and some of the dancing evenings from the European Week of Tango.

Address: Popa Nan 82, Bucharest.

The Instituto Cervantes is the institution created by Spain in 1991 to promote, teach Spanish and spread the culture of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.The Cervantes Institute in Bucharest is located in the central area of the city, near the University Square and Cismigiu Park. Here we will organize free cultural events during Tango for all project.

Address: Bvd. Regina Elisabeta 38, Bucharest

Bragadiru Palace Bucharest


Bragadiru Palace, in the heart of Bucharest, is comprised of a spectacular ballroom, serving also as a theater and a concert hall, with a library, a bowling alley and many rooms and shops on the ground level, it was an impressive structure interfusing architectural styles of the most renowned buildings of that time. Take a virtual tur here: http://www.palatulbragadiru.ro/descopera-palatul-tur-virtual.php.

Address: Calea Rahovei 147-153, Bucharest

Casa Artelor (Arts Center) is the institution created by the City District 3, which promotes education through culture. The building has spaces for cultural and artistic events, from individual study halls and repetitions, to 3 wonderful ballroom rooms, an outside amphitheater with a capacity of about 200-300 seats, located in the courtyard of the building.

Address: Mircea Voda nr.5, Bucharest

CPPI Busteni - Tango Workshops

CPPI Busteni - Hall

busteni salaspectacole

With a tradition of more than 35 years in training, the Center works as a public institution with his own income, under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism offering training and management consulting for employees of the Ministry and the units that subordinated, coordinated and under its authority, and to other operators interested.

Address: Buşteni, str. Paltinului nr. 16

CPPI has also a hall where usually are organised festivals and performances. Here we will have the “Noches of the Maestros” informal tango show where all the maestros from the European Tango Week will dance together with local teachers. 


Address: Buşteni, str. Paltinului nr. 16